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While on the trip of a lifetime in Israel I was Baptized in the Jordan River

then the Miracle of the 'Heart Stone' arrived on 11.11.2019

You see, the Lord has been nudging me with (God promptings)

 GP's to become a more faithful disciple of Jesus.

The Heart Stone given to me on the Mount of Blessings in the West Bank

at a winery in God's Vineyard, is the greatest of these GP's


Just after a biblical conflict with a fellow Christian

on the Jonathan Cahn 2019 Mystery Tour, I turned,

bowed my head in prayer, pleading an apology, asking the Lord’s

forgiveness.. when I heard the Lord speak these words:


"It's Okay... I love you, LOOK!"


When I opened his eyes to the gravel trail before me

(walked by 1000's of pilgrims each year)

the sunlight over my shoulder revealed this little stone with a heart emblazed on it

shining up at me.  After a moment of shock and a giggle of disbelief,

his wife Mitzi asked, 'Now what happened?'  

I said you wouldn't believe me if I told YOU, What she asked again

When I revealed to her and the others present

the words I heard before opening my eyes to the heart stone

they were all Amazed!  All who have seen or held the Heart Stone since,

confirm that the message given was truly a gift from the heart of Jesus!

(I can't make this up! this is the photo taken where it laid on 11.11.2019)